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Laboratory Equipment

Laboratory Furniture

Laboratory furniture
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Equipped at best!


Available in several variants and always at high quality - these are the key features of our laboraty furniture. Find yourself the best furnishings.

Laboratory cabinets

  • for maximum storage space and efficient operating based on it


  • with table surfaces of melamine: for all operations with low chemical resistance requirements
  • with table surfaces of ceramic: for universal use due to high chemical resistance

Laboratory Escapes

Laboratory escapes
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Safety as standard!


To protect the user from health attacking dangers, fume cupboards are used to filter harmful particels from the air. The AutoProtect system makes out activities in front of the escape, and switches on and off as required.

Fume Cupboards

  • for operating with agressive media at high temperatures

Pharmacy Fume Cupboards

  • for operating with dusty specimen or volatile chemicals

Safety Technology

Safety technology
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Play safe!


Everybody makes mistakes, which makes it even more important to have high safety standards in your laboratory, where working with dangerous and harmful chemicals is daily fare. With our safety technology, the hazard potential is minimised.

  • Chemical Cabinets
  • Poison Cabinets
  • Acids and Leach Cabinets
  • Safety Cabinets for storage of flammable fluids
  • Gas bottle Cabinets

Media Systems

Media systems
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Be well provided for!


With our media systems, all of your media is with you just where you need it. With a wide range of various systems, every laboratory can be individually equipped.

  • Wall bench with service cells and pedestal cabs made of stainless steel
  • Double work bench with service cells and pedestal cabs made of stainless steel
  • Octagonal bench with service column with melamine table top and pedestal cabs made of stainless steel



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