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Semi-automatic Rotary Microtome M530


Cryostat M630
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Key product features


  • Ergonomic design for sitting and standing operation
  • Highly precise microtome inside made in Germany
  • Illuminated Cryo Chamber
  • 15 specimen positions including 2 with peltier cooling
  • Automatic defrost

The Cryostat M630 is a semi-automatic device with an integrated, yet independent flash-freezing unit. The ergonomical open top design enables standing and sitting operation. Cushioned armrests increase the user comfort.

The cryo chamber of the Cryostat M630 is reflection-free illuminated with LED lights. The fast freezing stage inside offers space for 12 specimen positions (-35 °C) and also space for specimen at a fast freezing point (cools down to max. -50 °C). Values of chamber, section and coarse thickness as well as drefrost cycler and amount of travel are resettable.

A drainage system for the condensation water is included. It has a detachable container, which is outside the instrument for easy access. All surfaces are even and easy to clean for a hygienic workflow. The Cryostat M630 is also equipped with an automatic defrost cycler for defrosting on demand, and a window that is heated, to avoid freezing.

The semi-automatic microtome's main movement is operated by an ergonomic flywheel, smooth and balanced for ergonomic handling. Its thickness control can be found outside the chamber. A high precision stepping motor manages coarse feed movement. Backlash cross roller bearings are minimized, while free vertical movement is maintained. Arriving at the home and end position is indicated with an audible alert.


Technical data


Sectioning range, setting values: 1 µm to 99 µm in 1 µm steps

Trimming range, setting values: from 5 µm to 100 µm in 5 µm steps

from 100 µm to 500 µm in 50 µm steps

Specimen retraction: 25 µm 

Horizontal specimen feed: 30 mm

Vertical lift: 68 mm

Specimen fine orientation: 360° in Z and 8° in X and Y axes

Cryo Chamber

Temperature range: down to -35 °C (+/- 1 °C)

Defrosting: automatic and manual, max. + 6°C

Fast freezing rail: 15 positions, 2 with peltier cooling

Temperature ca. -20 °c below chamber temperature


Dimensions (W/D/H): 1200 x 650 x 840 mm

Power supply: 230V / 50Hz

100V / 50Hz

150V / 60Hz


Download the brochure of our Rotary Microtomes here.

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